Corner sofas have fast become a staple of the larger family. They serve as a multipurpose piece of furniture, suitable for sitting tired bums or lounging on watching TV.

Corner sofa styles vary from manufacturer as each one tries to create a unique and satisfying environment for customers to relax in their homes.

We appreciate it can be daunting searching through the hundreds of different styles and shapes, which one to choose, which one will suit my home. This is why we have compiled a list of the top sofa styles to suit any home.

Black and charcoal jumbo cord fabric corner sofa

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Our top 5 corner sofa styles

The chesterfield corner sofa style

The chesterfield is a traditional sofa with high backs, generous curves and firm sit.

The chesterfield would look great in a country home and offers those looking for a classic corner unit the comfort and style to wow even the most discerning of house guest.

Choose a chesterfield corner sofa in leather and it will stand the test of time. We regularly have customers coming to us stating their leather chesterfield has lasted more than 20 years and is still in good condition. So this could be a great investme

Leather chesterfield corner sofa

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The family friendly corner sofa

Choosing the right couch when you have a large family can be difficult. Do you go for that luxury velvet fabric or stick with a more robust fabric like polyester or tweed?

Well thanks to a new wave of technology focused fabrics you now don’t have to sacrifice style for substance.

There are now hundreds of hard wearing and stain resistant fabrics on the market. Including some stain resistant velvets. So you really can have the sofa of your dreams even if you have your hands full at home.

Modular sofas

Corner units are no longer big bulbous blocks of furniture, immovable and overbearing. The modern trend is heading towards Modular sofas which can be pulled apart and serve as smaller sofas in different positions in the house.

A modular sofa can save you money as it is in effect a 2 seater and 3 seater combined to make a corner. Thus when separated you have double the seats available.

Brown fabric corner sofa

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Scatter cushion back

The scatter back sofa is one of the most popular these days. It offers owners the flexibility to arrange the sit and feel of the corner sofa as they see fit. Either pushing user forward or back.

Choose scatter cushions in a variety of colours and patterns to add colour and depth to your room. One of the best ways of doing this is a stripe or a herringbone pattern.

Black leather corner sofa with scatter cushion back

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Low arm corner sofa

Choosing a sofa with low arms is always a good choice. Especially for those who love to lounge away an evening snuggling up and relaxing. Putting your feet up and resting your head on the low arms gives for the perfect relaxing position.

Low arms come in a wide variety of shapes and fabrics. It is up to you which style you go for. But rest assured this shape will never go out of fashion.

Grey corner sofa with storage

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The choice is yours

These are just our top 5 corner sofa styles, but as you can imagine there are literally hundreds out there.

Why not browse our full collection on our site and see if you can find your perfect match, for a price you will love.